Dr Xeniji's Testimonials

There are tonnes of Dr Xeniji (Enzyme catalyst)'s testimonials. Below are some of them.

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Dr Xeniji - The FIRST & ONLY termented Functional Doof certified by JACT (Japanese Association for Alternative, Complementary & Traditional Medicine)

High blood Pressure - About 3mil Malaysia have high blood preassure which can lead to kidney failure, cardiovassular disease & stroke!!

High Cholestrol Level - Will more likly to develop diabetes, heat disease or stoke!

Cancer - Every 16 chinese ladies in Malaysia, there is one who have Cancer. For Indians, its there is one in every seventeen ladies whereas in every twenty eight Malay ladies, there will be one!

Overweight - Malaysia has the greatest number of overweight & obese people in Asia. about 25% of Malaysian are overweight / obese.

Other diseases like diabetes, stroke, heart diseases... all these can be avoided if you take the right precaution on your diet and health supplements. Will you prefer to spend to do some prevention than to suffer these sicknesses which bring you disaster to your life and also your love one?

How Enzyme Catalyst help u? It activates ALL the enzyme in our body to enhance our metabolism in our body so that the food we take in everyday can turn into nutrient (via food enzymes), absord fully by stomach & intestine (via digestive enzymes) and finally circulate through the blood and cells (via metabolic enzymes) instead of becoming toxin!

Why buy Enzyme Catalyst instead of Enzyme which sold outside the market? Generally our body already have enzymes and we need enzyme catalyst to wake up all our enzymes in our body. Besides, most of the enzymes sold outside the market are just food enzymes whereas enzyme catalyst can activate our natural food enzymes, digestive enzymes and metabolic enzymes in our body!

Dr Xeniji is...
  1. The First & Only fermented Functional Food certifised by JACT (Japanese Asociation for alternative, Complementary & Traditional Medicine).
  2. Contains more than 50 types of fruits & vegetables & Muscovado
  3. Complete fermentation process over 1,000 days
  4. Products ingredients tested & endorsed by the Japan Minitry of Health & Welfare and the Foundation on Japan Health / Nutrition Food Association to be beneficial to health and enhanced body condition
  5. Contains a broad spectrum of bioactive micro-fine nutrients and enzyme catalysts to facilitate efficient nutrients absorptions
  6. Provides catalytic funtions to boost overall metabolic functions for efficient energy production & utlisation and a health gut system
  7. 15 Scientic & clinical studies by more than 35 researchers in 7 international universities